Wholesome Healing Herbs For The Cooler Months

Pretty to look at… Beautiful textures… Absolutely bursting with flavour…  

But other than making an appealing garnish or delightfully palatable beverage – what are herbs good for?

Here’s something for you – growing up I actually never understood the whole herb thing – I thought they were just a fancy shmancy thing that people would put on their plates to make a dish look more appealing – who has time for that right?

Fortunately – nowadays I know better.


Herbs are some of the most nutritionally dense plants out there, I was actually blown away when I started learning just how powerful they are.

Not to mention the types of conditions they can be helpful in treating:

Like – heaps.

Blood sugar levels in diabetics
Hair loss
High blood pressure
Hormonal imbalances
Intestinal Worms
Joint Stiffness/pain

Stomach cramps

Amazing right?

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, all the stuff your body needs to keep you happy & healthy, can be found in herbs.

Adding a handful of herbs to your diet is a great way to give your body that extra boost of goodness PLUS it’s easy!

I mean, how hard is it to add a bunch of rosemary to that yummy dish you just whipped up?


Cut up some parsley & add it to your salad…
Or pair with coriander & juice it with some leafy greens…
Add peppermint to your favourite desert (I like to add it to my super duper chocolate protein ice cream)…
Or take that coriander from earlier & add it to a curry!
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

But before you race off to the supermarket to grab some herbs (you have your car keys in your hand right?) – keep in mind that growing herbs yourself is so freaking easy & oh so much more rewarding than putting down cash for chives that have been sitting on a shelf for 3 days.

Theres’ a whole mess of herbs you can get your hands on right here in Australia, & literally start growing today.

And even better news for you – the majority of them are as tough as nails, like 1 of the 300 Spartan’s tough… Which means that they are SUPER easy to grow.

And just incase you’re thinking “That’s all well & good Anth, but it’s getting colder & the days are getting shorter, will anything I plant even survive? I’ma wait until spring comes back before I start planting

The short answer – Start planting now!!!!

There’s a TONNE of herbs that you can start planting right this minute…

And they like the cold… they know how to deal with the cold… in fact, they can take the cold out for a nice candle lit dinner & presumptuously order brekky for 2 the next morning! (Bit much?)

The point is – they can handle the cold.

So what awesome stuff can you start growing right now?

To help you navigate that minefield, we’ve put together a little ebook just for you – “Wholesome Healing Herbs you can grow in the cooler months”.

“Wholesome Healing Herbs you can grow in the cooler months” goes through over 30 beautiful & power packed herbs that can be grown in the cooler months + the health benefitshow you can use them
It’s all there – & it’s completely FREE!

Download your FREE copy of ‘Wholesome Healing Herbs you can grow in the cooler months here!!

Hope you have a blast reading it!

Happy Herbing!!


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  1. Adele McConnell says:

    Amazing guide! Legends!

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