Eating out at the latest swish place in town & ordering a bottle of their finest (so they could pour it into a pretty looking decanter of course!) used to top our list when it came to – well – living really.

“Let’s order a double serving of that extra cheesy garlic bread”… “Omg that creamy pesto penne is coming home in my belly Anth!”… “Let’s share that extra rich chocolatey tart for desert – actually let’s have one each!”

…So suffice to say – when we made the switch to a diet of Organic Wholefoods, things became a bit tricky.

In fact (as you may have guessed) – we stopped going out all together.

And even though everyone thought we were nuts (Come on… you won’t even go out for a pizza!? You guys are so bloody fussy!)…

As we were ridding our bodies of anything conventional or processed, our need for sugar laden processed foods went down… & our urge for nutrient dense nourishment went up to an all time high.

Which actually made it pretty easy to give ol’ mate cheesy garlic bread a miss! 🙂

What we did miss though?

Getting dressed up… not having to do the cooking… & letting someone whip up a small masterpiece just for us.

Arghh – if only we could have the best of both worlds!

Well… After a few good years of asking many many questions to many many frustrated restauranteurs (Can you cater for organic/SF/DF/GF?… What kind of oil do you cook in?… Where do you get your produce from?… – yeah – we’re a little hardcore) – we now have a handful of restaurants & cafes in Melbourne that are serving up nothing but the best quality food.

Winner Winner (Organic) Chicken Dinner!

Now before we get started, I actually wrote a blog post many many moons ago about my top 5 organic eateries in Melbourne… So if you find that one on google… it pains me to say that some of them aren’t organic anymore!

In fact – I was horrified to learn that one of them had even started serving GMO Soy (Seriously?? Insane.)

Which is what’s fuelled me to write this post! Because even though some restaurants have a healthy vibe… it doesn’t necessarily mean they are using quality ingredients.

So back to our Winner Winner (Organic) Chicken Dinner – here are our 2017 top picks for Organic, nourishing & oh so delicious restaurants & cafes in & around Melbourne.

#1. O.MY 

(Degustation only – You wanna dress up for this one!) 

O.MY is hands down our favourite restaurant. Ever.

We go there every year for our birthdays or any time we have something big to celebrate.

O.MY is owned by 3 (super cool) brothers & ALL of their produce is grown on their OWN farm – organically!

The majority of their dishes are slow cooked (one of the healthiest cooking methods) & the attention to detail, styling & love that goes into every dish they serve is like no other.

They aren’t predominately GF, SF or DF – However they EASILY cater for this & don’t make you feel like a weirdo for asking!

They are Degustation only (meaning they create a series of INCREDIBLE dishes for you, without you looking at a menu) & they have an incredible selection of organic & biodynamic wines if you fancy a glass.

They also offer ‘non alcoholic’ beverage matching as an optional extra.

O.MY is located in Beaconsfield VIC so it’s a fair whack out of the city (about 40 minutes from the CBD) but in my opinion – It’s completely worth the drive!

Word of advice though – book far in advance – they book out in the blink of an eye.


#2. SOS Cafe

(Stylish + chic with a killer brekky menu)

This is our favourite ‘casual cafe’ in a super swanky spot in the heart of South Yarra.

These guys pride themselves on good quality, beautiful food & have a nice range of smoothies to choose from too!

Our all time fav dish is “The Primal Plate”… You get about a 1/4 of a pumpkin roasted to perfection, poached eggs, beautiful bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes & some perfectly placed herbs.

The majority of their tables are outside – undercover with heaters – overlooking a gorgeous fountain – but here’s the really cool bit… they actually have blankets on the chairs for you to put over your legs if you get too cold – BRILLIANT!


#3. Raw Trader

(Best organic & raw dessert bar…ever!)

Our fascination with Raw Trader only began this year as they opened one up in the Mornington Peninsula – for city folk who think the Mornington Peninsula is like trekking to the other side of the world – Don’t stress – They have one in the city as well!

Raw Trader have an INCREDIBLE range of delectable little cakes, donuts & other sweet treats waiting for you to devour behind their cute little counter (think Peppermint Slice, Black Forest Cake, Turkish Delight & Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups!). Did I mention these babies are completely raw & only sweetened by fruit (no maple syrup!). Raw Trader also have an awesome range of smoothies to choose from – I personally recommend the Choc Cherry – It’s a winner!!

P.S If you’re partial to a good shop – they’re about to open one up in Chaddy as well!


#4. Combi

(Super casual & chill) 

Combi – The first Organic place we ever ate at!

It’s super duper chill & reminds us of a cute little decked out ‘surfy’ bar that could seriously be situated in the middle of an island somewhere. Except they’re in Elwood!

You won’t find any super fancy hot breakfasts here – but if you’re a lover of vibrant smoothie bowls, insanely delcious superfood smoothies or avo & pink salt on fermented sprouted gf bread – then Combi is your place!

Although Combi is predominately meat free – they do offer a beautiful toastie with slow smoked cured ham.

Word to the wise – If you get there on a Saturday, expect to be waiting for a table. These guys are only little & the line is usually huge!


#5 Shoko Iku

(Superfoods at a whole other level!)

Shoko Iku (which means “food education” in Japanese) is a gorgeous little place on high street in Northcote boasting sustainable, natural & modern decor (hey – looks are important too, right?!)

Shoko Iku specialise in raw food so if you’re after a big juicy organic steak or a bacon & egg style brekky – this is probably not your place… but if you’re into your superfoods – prepare to be amazed. These guys take it to a whole other level.

Although they don’t have a wide range of food to choose from, their smoothie & tea menu is quite unreal.

From gynostemma (adtaptogen), hercampuri (detoxification) & pau d’arco (anti fungal) teas to astragalus (anti-aging), reishi (immunity) & phytoplankton (cell regeneration) smoothies – There’s definitely no shortfall when it comes to their incredible & powerful elixers!

…And thats a wrap.

As more come in (which I hope they will), I will continue to update this post.

But for now – Get your clothes on, grab the keys & head on out to one of these 5 awesome little places – a little masterpiece is waiting to be made just for you! (I didn’t assume you were naked by the way… that would be a bit weird wouldn’t it?)


Crystal x