The Best Homemade Activated ABC Nut Butter

Activated ABC Butter… one of our all time favourite foods to eat & oh so easy to make!

Not only does it taste amazing & make the PERFECT snack (especially when you’re in a hurry!) – it’s an awesome way to provide your body with a dose of healthy fats, proteins & minerals including magnesium, zinc, Calcium & Selenium – all of which are vital for optimal health!

And just so we’re on the same page here…

ABC = Almonds, Brazil Nuts & Cashews

Oh Activated ABC Butter… where would we be without you?

Savoury or Sweet – Take Your Pick! 

The awesome thing about ABC butter is that it is just so damn versatile!

You can have it in deserts, dinners, snacks, brekky – so many options…

How we use it….

On apple slices

On carrot sticks

On green Bread

In our Satay Sauce

In Bliss Balls

In Biccies

In Cakes

In Smoothies

Oh and our fave…

Eating it straight out of the freaking jar ????????

The Perfect Traveler  

It’s also the perfect accompaniment when you’re our & about!

Lately we’ve been on the road quite a bit, which for us, means that it can be a little hard finding options to suit our needs…

Unless of course you have your handy dandy jar of ABC butter!

These days we WILL NOT travel without it!

So does it need to be ABC butter? What about other nut & seed butters?

Of course not! Other Nut & Seed butters are all great too – we just LOVE the taste of ABC + as they are 3 different nuts blended together, you get more nutritional goodness than just the one!

Does it have to be Activated?

Well…umm… the short of it – yes. Read all about it here.

Alright – now for the recipe!!


1 Cup Almonds

1 Cup Brazil Nuts

1 Cup Cashews


Activate nuts by following the instructions over in this post & dry them in the oven for a MINIMUM of 10 hours… 12 hours is good! The longer you keep them in – the more oily and flavoursome your butter will be.

Once activated, put them in your high speed blender or food processor & slowly go up to the highest setting.

Blend on high for around 5 minutes or until you have your desired consistency. The longer you blend it for the smoother your butter will be.

*We make our butter in our Vitamix, to do this, just use your tamper & keep tampering until it starts to blend properly on it’s own.

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