Magnesium – Why you need it + what can happen if you’re deficient

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Minerals rock every part of our socks for a boat load of reasons, but it occurred to us that maybe you’re not 100% sure on which certain minerals are essential for thriving health, what the health benefits are & what the not-so-fun health symptoms look like when you’re low on the good stuff!

Minerals are just so incredibly important – like – integral to thriving health – that we couldn’t let this slide!

Each of our Mineral Spotlight posts will focus on a different essential mineral + why they are so damn essential…

Now before we jump into our first awesome mineral – this post explains exactly WHY our body needs minerals + why you are most likely deficient! 

Incase you’re in a massive hurry – here’s the jist…

Essential Minerals help your body to perform an array of biochemical processes including:

– They help build your bones, teeth, connective tissue & cell membranes

– They help to balance your sex hormones

– They help you to relax

– They treat illness or prevent illness from becoming worse

– They maintain an optimal pH balance by neutralising acid

Our bodies can’t produce minerals, we need to get them from the soil & the food we eat acts as the middle man, but the rapid decline of mineral profiles in our soil means the food grown is deficient in many essential minerals, which leads to mineral deficiencies in people.

Bottom line: Essential Minerals are important & chances are you aren’t getting enough – get the rest of that post here – & now, on with the mineral highlight!

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Magnesium is one phenomenal little mineral – a co factor in over 300 biochemical processes inside the body – meaning these processes cannot occur without magnesium, no pressure right?

It’s clearly not the kind of mineral you want to be deficient in.

One of the most well known benefits is its role in a healthy bone structure – in fact, of all the magnesium in the body, 50% of it can be found in the bones.

Other health benefits include:

– The production of energy in your cells which also helps to reduce fatigue

– Helps your body to synthesise proteins (turn amino acids into protein)

– Promotes great hydration

– Maintains healthy teeth

– Healthy muscle function

– Regulates blood pressure & heart rate

– Helps to regulate vitamin D levels

– Maintains healthy Calcium, Zinc, Copper & Potassium levels

Magnesium also has a huge impact on overall hormone health

– It relaxes your nerves system & controls cortisol levels

– Maintains insulin sensitivity & lowers blood sugar

– Is a co factor in the production of progesterone, oestrogen & testosterone

– Helps the body with sleep which is essential to Healthy hormone production

– Helps maintain healthy thyroid function

For women specifically, magnesium can provide relief from PMS as well as premenstrual migraines & cramps.
It can also help with anxiety & depression.

For guys it’s been shown in studies that magnesium can provide protection against prostate cancer.

As we’ve said, our body can’t produce minerals on its own & it’s no different for magnesium, it must get it from food which must get it from the soil.
The only problem with this is that after years of being overworked, most soil is now totally deficient in magnesium. Therefore the food that is grown in that soil & whoever eats that food, is going to be deficient in magnesium.

Being such an integral part of healthy human function, a magnesium deficiency can have serious effects on your health.

Symptoms that you can experience:

– fatigue

– insomnia

– anxiety

– unhealthy bones / teeth

– depression

– Inflammation

– diabetes

– osteoporosis

– heart disease

– certain types of cancers

Despite being the 4th most abundant mineral in the body, Magnesium deficiency is an issue that affects many people.

With the only source of this essential mineral totally deficient in it, it’s clear now more than ever how important being able to control the nutrient level in your soil is!

Stay tuned for more of our mineral spotlights in the weeks to come!


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