Fudgy Paleo Pumpkin Brownies

As we’re now in beautiful Autumn & my beloved summer veg are coming to an end, I have an overhaul of pumpkins that I need to use up.

Combine this with my love for rich chocolate & naturally I wanted to make brownies out of them!

I know a lot of people have jumped on to the ‘Sweet potato’ brownie train – so why not pumpkin!

Sweet pots are awesome, I love them… but just quietly, we love pumpkin a little more because they’re lower in sugar!

The other thing about sweet potato brownies is that they all call for A LOT of nut butter. Now don’t get me wrong… I absolutely LOVE nut butter (NOT peanut butter – peanuts are NOT nuts!), you’ll find nut butter in A LOT of my recipes – but A. it’s bloody expensive & B. I didn’t have any on hand & wasn’t willing to wait. :p

So, without planning to put these babies up on the blog, I raided my pantry & mixed a few bits & bobs together wondering if the combination would actually taste any good.

Well – not only was it really easy to whip up… but they tasted AWESOME! Anth (like usual) ate the majority so I had to make them again.

And they again tasted AWESOME! So awesome that I really wanted to share it with you!

In fact they’re going to become a standard sweet treat in our house now because they are quick, cheap & easy! Exactly what you want it a wholesome dessert!

Alright – so before we get started with the recipe, let me give you some notes.

Brownie Notes:

* You want to squeeze the excess moisture out of the pumpkin before blending it up with the rest of the ingredients. I’ve tested both & the taste + texture of the brownie is a lot better when the pumpkin isn’t watery! To do this, simply grate the pumpkin and put it in a nutmilk bag, then squeeze out the liquid. Alternatively you can just squeeze with your hands!

* The recipe calls for 2 cups of pumpkin, this is 2 cups once the moisture has been squeezed out.

* Once the brownies have baked for 30 minutes, they might feel a little under cooked. This is perfectly normal for brownies as they are meant to be gooey & will continue cooking a little whilst cooling down. Unless they feel very undercooked I urge you not to put them back in the oven! Have trust in them :p

* In the photos you will see pieces of chocolate on top of the chocolate sauce. These are ‘cacao nibs’ which can be purchased from health food stores. I always add a sprinkle to my ‘chocolatey’ creations however this is totally optional! 🙂

* If you want to make these brownies completely nut free, just substitute the macadamia oil for coconut oil.

Chocolate Sauce Notes:

* The longer you blend, the thinner the sauce will be. This is because as the blender heats up, the coconut butter will heat up & begin to liquify. If the sauce is too runny to place over your brownies just place it in the fridge until it thickens up. Easy!

* If you don’t have coconut butter you can just add more coconut oil instead – if you go down this route you will need to refrigerate the sauce to let it thicken up a bit before spreading on top of brownies. You may also want to add a little more honey as the coconut butter adds sweetness to it – the coconut oil will not.

Okay – let’s get to the recipe 🙂


Wet Ingredients

2 cups grated pumpkin *see note above

1/4 cup macadamia oil

1/4 cup coconut oil

2 eggs

3 tbsp raw honey

Dry Ingredients

3/4 cup cacao

2 tbsp coconut flour

1 tsp gluten free baking powder

Chocolate Sauce

1/2 cup cacao

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup coconut butter *see note above

2 tbsp raw honey


Preheat oven to 185C. & line a rectangular baking dish with parchment paper.

Place all wet ingredients into a food processor & process until smooth.

Place dry ingredients into a medium-large mixing bowl & mix to combine.

Pour the wet ingredients mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients & gently fold through until well combined.

Spoon out mixture into prepared baking dish and even out with a baking spatula.

Place in oven & bake for 30 minutes.

Take out of oven & leave to cool in baking dish – now it’s time to make your chocolate sauce for the top!

Place all ingredients into a high speed blender & blend until smooth.

Once brownies have cooled down, top with chocolate sauce & cut into squares.

Enjoy your brownies!

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So, so thankful to Crystal & Anth... What a brilliantly done, much needed business these two incredible health ambassadors have created.

Pete Evans
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Keep your carrot fuelled eyes peeled for what Anth & Crystal have to share. They're passion & knowledge is helping to make both humans and the planet happier and better nourished. So thankful for all that they do!

Dr Libby Weaver
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Anth and Crystal are helping all of us be better humans through outstanding nutrition that grows before our eyes and for that I’m so grateful!

Dr Nat Kringoudis
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If you're looking for some fuss-free inspiration to live a healthier life, let Anth & Crystal lead the way. Their awesome combination of passion, vibrancy and knowledge will have you fuelling your body in the very best way, just as nature intended.

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Crystal and Anth are true health warriors… they walk their talk and share their knowledge freely!

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