Essential Minerals – Is Your Body Missing Out?

Did you know that minerals are one of the most important substances for our bodies – period.

Many people think that minerals are just an extension of vitamins… & if they get their vitamin supps up to scratch it should be sweet…

But here’s the punchline – our bodies NEED minerals to help us absorb vitamins properly.

Think you might have a vitamin deficiency? It could in fact be a mineral deficiency.

What Else Do Minerals Do For Us?

As well as helping your body perform an array of biochemical processes…

– They help build your bones, teeth, connective tissue & cell membranes

– They help balance your sex hormones

– They help you relax

– They treat illness or prevent illnesses from becoming worse

– They help maintain your pH balance (enzymes turn minerals into an alkalising detoxifying agent, neutralising acid & preparing them for elimination)

We can’t stress how important minerals are for thriving health… so much so that we have decided to add a new little segment into onto The Healthy Files spotlighting a range of different amazing minerals, what they can do for your body + the symptoms you can get from being deficient – stay tuned for this!

But what does this have to do with growing your own food??


Literally… everything.

In fact – it’s the reason we started growing our own supercharged food in the first place – & why we know that anyone who is trying to amp up their health NEEDS to start growing their own supercharged food too!



Because we can’t produce minerals within our own bodies – we need to get it from our soil – but because we can’t eat the soil, plants act as the middle men, taking the nutrients from the soil & making them available to us as beautiful foods.

The thing is… the level of the minerals in the food you eat is determined by the levels of minerals in the soil to which the food grows in.

…You know the old saying “You are what you eat”? Well let’s change that right now to “You are what you eat, ate.”

If the minerals aren’t in the soil to begin with, the plant isn’t going to contain those minerals either.

In other words – Low levels of minerals in the soil = low levels of minerals in your food = low levels of minerals in YOU.


But why would there be low levels of minerals in the soil anyway??

The thing about good, fertile soil is that for a layer only 10cm deep to form naturally, the process takes roughly 2000 years… think about that… 2000 years!!

Many studies have shown a rapid decline in mineral profiles due to the rise of modern agricultural practices, use of chemical fertilisers & ongoing deforestation. The once rich & fertile soil is now incapable of supporting & nourishing growth of produce on it’s own.

In 1992 the Earth Summit Report showed an estimated decline of total minerals in American soil of 85% in the last 100 years! Unfortunately Australia wasn’t far behind. That was in 1992 – imagine where we are at today! In other words what your grandparents called food compared to what we call food today are two very different things.

The Minerals We Need To Thrive:

There are over 100 minerals out there, but we don’t need all of them for our body! Here are the minerals we need to be consuming daily:

MACRO MINERALS (The body requires 100 milligrams or more per day) 

– Calcium

– Phosphorous

– Potassium

– Magnesium

– Sulfar

– Sodium

– Chloride

MICRO MINERALS/TRACE MINERALS (The body requires less than 100 milligrams per day but still equally as important as MACRO MINERALS!) 

– Iron

– Boron

– Chromium

– Iodine

– Manganese

– Molybdenum

– Selenium

– Silicon

– Vanadium

– Zinc 

– Lithium

– Germanium

– Rubidium

– Cobalt

– Copper

So how on earth do we get these minerals?

By growing our own supercharged food!!

It can be easy to think that all you need to grow some good quality food is some dirt & some seeds… Especially if you’ve watched Dickon from The Secret Garden throwing around seeds like there is no tomorrow & plants just start sprouting out of nowhere 😉


But as you now understand – it really is so much more than that!

Nutrients levels in the soil is everything & it’s literally the deciding factor in how nourishing the food you eat is!

This is where growing your own food in supercharged soil comes in!

You can have control over the amount of nutrients in your food by planting into a soil that has been specifically created to be as healthy & nutritionally dense as possible!


This is what we call “supercharged food”… Food that has been grown in Supercharged soil! (Wondering how to create supercharged soil? We’re working on something special for you as we speak – we can’t spill the beans just yet but we promise it will be a cracker!)

Growing your own Supercharged food is essential for a thriving body & to amp up your health… Oh, and as a bonus, supercharged soil also means a low maintenance thriving edible garden!!


Stay tuned for our mineral spotlights where we take you deeper into the awesome amazing world of minerals & everything they can do for your health!

C x


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