The real reason behind Activated Seeds & Nuts + How to activate without a dehydrator

The first I heard about activated nuts was on the Today show a few years back, Karl Stefanovic & friends were having a laugh at the fact that their activated almonds gave them “Extra wanker points”!

Hah! I had a good laugh along with them & wondered why anyone would do such a thing – it seemed like a fad… a gimmick with no legs.

But it didn’t go away…

In fact I heard more & more people start talking about how they were flipping the switch & activating their nuts & seeds.

And then my wife got on the band wagon.

Forever making sure everything was soaked at least 8 hours before we could use them…

“Really babe? I mean come on… really?”

“YES!!!” She would firmly state… And just like that I knew I wasn’t taking the high ground! ????

Hmm – so maybe it is kind of important?

Either way – I was intrigued enough to start doing some digging…

And since that day, my wanker points have been doubling week by week!

Why Should You Activate Your Nuts & Seeds? 

It all comes down to phytic acid.

Phytic acid or ‘Phytates’ is a naturally occurring substance in nuts, seeds, grains & legumes & is the stored version of the mineral phosphorous in these foods.
The thing about phytic acid is that it’s not a fan of a number of essential minerals inside the body.
Particularly these 6:
– Iron
– Zinc
– Calcium
– Magnesium
– Chromium
– Manganese.

Phytates contain these things called enzyme inhibitors that attach themselves to these minerals & actually prevents the GI tract from absorbing them, meaning you miss out all on the benefits of these essential minerals, with longterm exposure leading to mineral deficiencies.

These minerals help the body with healthy bones, teeth & skin, as well as maintaining balanced hormones & keeping illness away.

Because of this, phytic acid is also known as an ‘anti-nutrient’ (a compound that interferes with the absorption of nutrients)

But what is the real reason behind it all anyway?

This might just blow your mind!

Plants require nutrition just like we do to be able to grow and survive.

Part of that survival includes producing & nourishing seeds to ensure the continuation of the species.

Now as you can imagine, these plants don’t want the seeds they produce to be eaten (I mean, it’s fair enough, who wants their kids to be eaten?) – So as a defence mechanism against predators, the seeds are given a number of inhibitors designed to affect the predators in such a way that they will no longer go after the seeds – phytates being one of them.

So phytic acid is part of a number of anti nutrients that appear in seeds that are actually meant as a counter measure to ensure the survival of future generations of plants by protecting them from predators as well as fungus or moulds, & to prepare the seeds for germination.

And just incase you were wondering where nuts & legumes fit it… they are actually seeds enclosed in a shell or pod…

Isn’t nature seriously amazing???

So how do you “Activate” them without anything fancy like a dehydrator?

By Soaking them in salt water & then chucking them in the oven at a super low heat!

Soaking your nuts & seeds in water neutralises & reduces the concentration of phytic acid while the salt helps to breakdown the enzyme inhibitors in them, making sure your body is able to easily absorb & get all the benefits of those awesome minerals that are essential for literally hundreds of biochemical processes!

It can seem daunting & time consuming, but turning your nuts & seeds into little mineral loving super snacks is a cinch!

It really comes down to these 3 steps:


Here’s exactly how to do it…



  • Nuts/Seeds of your choice
  • Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Filtered water


  • Soak your nuts/seeds of choice in a bowl of filtered water with a teaspoon of salt for a minimum of 8 hours, make sure they are covered with water the entire time
  • After the 8 hour minimum, drain the water, rinse with fresh water & spread the nuts out onto a baking tray.
  • Pop them in the oven on a super low heat – about 50°C (122 °F) – for around 10 hours (overnight works like a charm!)
  • Remove from the oven & you’re done! (lame joke about being a wanker is optional)

Super easy!

And of course – any Q’s – drop em in the comments below!

Speak soon – Anth

P.S – if you think this might be useful to any of your mates – I would love for you to share it with them!

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