7 Edible Flowers You & Your Veggie Patch Will Love

When we think about edible gardens, we don’t usually think about growing flowers…

Because flowers aren’t usually a food right?

But once you start off on your organic edible gardening journey, you soon come to realise that flowers are so much more than just pretty looking colourful things!

Not only do they allow you to bring fresh organic flowers into your home (instead of chemical contaminated ones)…

They also attract the bees (who pollinates your fruiting plants)…

as well as the beneficial insects (the good ones that eat the bad ones)


da da da daaaa….

They can also be edible!

Even though it’s becoming the new normal to see nearly every spunky instagram food photo covered with flowers (hey and rightly so – they look amazing right!), If you’re a newby to edible gardening world the thought of edible flowers might scare you a little…

Which part of the flower should I eat???…But are you sure I can really eat this???

Because they aren’t your typical veggie or herb… and because, well, not all flowers are edible!!

But once you know which ones to get they’ll be nothing stopping you!

…Plus having an edible organic garden without a few different edible flowers is really like having Bert without Ernie… or Jerry without George… or Frasier without Niles… Okay… I think you get the point…but just incase… they are an awesome addition to any organic veggie patch & as a bonus, you can also eat them!

Here we have given you a list of 7 easy-to-grow, organic-veggie-patch-loving, beautiful edible flowers that you can easily start growing right here in Australia.

1. Alyssum

Alyssum – Pin Me!

Alyssum’s are low growing tiny little clusters of vibrant flowers with a beautiful honey-like sweet scent to them. They are frost hardy, super easy to grow and make a great addition to any salad!

2. Marigold ‘Gem Mix’ 

Marigold “Gem Mix” is a French Marigold, and along with Nasturtium, easily the most common flower to grow in an organic garden. With a citrusy Taragon Flavour, they make a great addition to hearty savoury dishes whilst providing you with a bit more nutrition whilst they are at it! Gem Mix is the only true edible form of French Marigolds.

3. Nasturtium

Also used in herbal medicine, people also love growing Nasturtiums for their helping hand in the organic garden, as well as their edible goodness. They have a tangy flavour similar to Watercress and contain up to 10 times the amount of vitamin C found in lettuce.

4. Viola

Violas are amazing little power packed flowers and can really be used in any dish. Their loaded with vitamin C and their bright colours are amazing. If you’re feeling really creative you can even make them into a beautiful jelly (we use Great Lakes Gelatin to do this). Along with the flowers, you can also eat the leaves.

5. Calendula

Often confused with French Marigolds, Calendula are hearty tall flowers, widely used in herbal medicine, as well as creams to sooth skin inflammation. Calendula can be planted in the cooler months. Many people use their petals as a substitute for Saffron.

6. Cornflower

Easy to grow, beautiful to look at! Cornflower petals can be used to brighten up any dish that needs a bit of oomph, whilst also helping you stay calm and relaxed!

7. Hollyhock

This picture seriously looks like it’s out of some fairy tale book yes? But I kid you not – this is the real deal!
Hollyhock is a direct relation to marsh mallow (not the kind you find at the lolly shop :p) and is often used in herbal medicine. Their taste is quite bland so is mainly atop of cakes and deserts to add in the WOW factor!

Would love to hear if you have any edible flower recommendations 🙂 Or of course, any questions – I’m here all night folks :p

C xx

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