Your body, taste buds and daily schedule will love you for it

+ 11 More Reasons To Choose A Healthy Patch

certifiedorganicicon#1. 100% Certified Organic

PageLines-favicon.pngThe term ‘Organic’ gets thrown around a lot these days, and it drives us a little completely nutty...
Like when you travel 30+ minutes to get to an Organic Café & find out only 2 ingredients are organic …Argh!

PageLines-favicon.pngUnfortunately in the gardening world the term “Organic” means anything "relating to or derived from living matter".
But when we say 'Organic' we mean:
• No Chemicals what-so-ever
• No GMOs
• No Test Tubes
• No Anything That Isn’t Natural!

PageLines-favicon.pngThis Is Why We Are Certfied Organic - For your peace of mind & because when the term gets misused it pisses us off just as much as it pisses you off!

lowmaintenanceicon #2. A Veggie Patch Without The Timestamp.

PageLines-favicon.pngLet’s face it - A veggie patch that requires endless TLC would be a big pain in the ass!

Here's the good news...

PageLines-favicon.pngWhile we use the Best ingredients in our soil creation for the Best Health Results…
An awesome side bonus is that your veggies don’t need as much fussin‘ over!

PageLines-favicon.pngWe’ve done some testing & on average you’re looking at about 14 minutes a week.

PageLines-favicon.pngHealthy Strong plants = Less Maintenance!!

MOREYOUTIME #3. More You Time!

PageLines-favicon.pngWhat’s even better than the Low Maintenance thing?

PageLines-favicon.pngThe fact that you can forgo the annoying
• after-work-grocery-store runs (we can’t stand these!)
• The 6AM trip to the farmers market
• The battle to get to the health food store before it closes.

PageLines-favicon.pngHaving your own smorgasbord of Organic Produce at your doorstep is life-changing -
Trust us!

bookicon #4. No reading of lengthy gardening books required (we promise!)

PageLines-favicon.pngNo Gardening Skills?
We’ve got you covered.

PageLines-favicon.pngWe know how busy you are…
The last thing we want to do is leave you with your Healthy Patch + a sudden urge to read long & dare we say it – boring – gardening books to amp up your knowledge.

PageLines-favicon.pngThat is why each Healthy Patch comes with our e-book “Easy-Peasy Patch”.

PageLines-favicon.pngThis gives you everything you need to know to about having a Killer Healthy Patch
- No further reading required!

morevitaminsicon #5. Amp Up Your Vitamin + Mineral Intake

PageLines-favicon.pngHealthy soil contains vitamins & minerals which we need to survive + extra nutrition which we need to thrive.
Awesome news if you love the taste of soil. But like many of us out there (Michelle Bridges aside) we know that soil is off limits.
Instead we need a medium that can supply us with these nutrients.

PageLines-favicon.pngPlants is this medium.

PageLines-favicon.pngMost soil these days is extremely deficient in nutrients - meaning that the veggies produced will lack those nutrients too.

PageLines-favicon.pngWe go to extra lengths to add in as many vitamins + minerals as possible by using some awesome little powerhouses in your healthy patch creation (Rock Minerals + Seaweeds + Blackstrap Molasses just to name a few).

PageLines-favicon.pngBottom line – you are going to have the healthiest organic produce out there!

moreantioxidantsicon #6. … As Well As Your Antioxidants!

PageLines-favicon.pngWe don’t want to get to nutritionally geeky on you (did we mention we’re a little obsessed?) but this is very cool…

PageLines-favicon.pngWe’re sure you already know the dangers of spraying chemicals on plants.
But did you know that plants actually have a natural mechanism designed to help protect themselves?

PageLines-favicon.pngWhen plants aren’t sprayed with pesticides & other yuck chemicals - they create substances within themselves to fight off pests.

PageLines-favicon.pngEven cooler than this…
These substances act as antioxidants… which in turn get eaten by you.

PageLines-favicon.pngIn short - No Chemicals = More antioxidants for us!

retreaticon #7. Come Home To Your Own Retreat

PageLines-favicon.pngWe’ve always loved the idea of making your home feel & look like a sanctuary.
Just because you’re not on holidays - why should you forgo that awesome feeling of
• Relaxation…
• Cluterfreeness…
• Ease…
• Happiness…

PageLines-favicon.pngOur Healthy Patches have been designed to please your eyes…
+ To fit in with any beautiful décor or style you may already have going on.

PageLines-favicon.pngSo make a herbal tea.
Go outside.
Look at her Beauty whilst she works her magic.
Thank us later.

planeticon #8. Good For You - Good For The Planet

PageLines-favicon.pngFact – We Wouldn’t Have Started This Company If It Wasn’t Sustainable.

PageLines-favicon.pngIt took us quite a while to locate the perfect timber mill for our patches.
We are happy to say we got there!

PageLines-favicon.pngOur Timber comes from a little family-run business in Gippsland who only cuts down sick & distressed trees.

PageLines-favicon.pngWe love that we can give this timber a new life that allows organic healthy produce to be more accessible.

PageLines-favicon.pngWe know you want to feel good about where it came from… heck - so do we!

tastyicon #9. Better tasting than… well… any produce… ever

(it’s really good)

PageLines-favicon.pngHealth facts aside & just between us…
When we made the switch to organic produce from conventional produce a few years ago - taste wise (ONLY!) - The difference wasn’t humungous.

Comparing store-bought organic produce to home grown organic produce (we’re not even going to compare conventional)…
There’s a difference!

PageLines-favicon.pngTrust us – you’ll be impressed.
• Think juicier • Sweeter •Fresher
• Think YUM.

naturalicon #10. We Keep It ‘Au Naturel’ Baby – That’s a Promise!

PageLines-favicon.pngWe could harp on about the dangers of Chemical use until the cows come home…
But for the sake of your sanity and the fact that you most likely already have a good idea of what chemicals can do to your body - we will just say this…

PageLines-favicon.png• No Chemicals Will Ever Be Used In a Healthy Patch… Ever!
• Chemicals can cause a host of conditions & diseases.
• Chemicals disrupt our gut lining and bank up our liver.
• Chemicals & Cucumbers do not mix.
• Chemicals & humans do not mix.

sizeicon #11. Size doesn’t matter

(We’re referring to your backyard!)

PageLines-favicon.pngOur Healthy Patches have been specially designed with a raised floor.
This is key for optimal drainage + growth + the biggie…

PageLines-favicon.png• The ability to put her on a balcony
• Or a courtyard…
• Or a deck…
• Or a garden…
• Well... wherever your heart desires really!

PageLines-favicon.pngAs long as she can get a bit of sun each day,  she’s not complaining!

qualityiconOh wait... One More! She’s built to last.

PageLines-favicon.pngGet Comfortable with her - because she isn’t going anywhere.

PageLines-favicon.pngWe use nothing less than the highest quality chemical free timber to make sure she will be around for a while.

PageLines-favicon.pngYou can expect a minimum of 10 years with your Healthy Patch.

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