Our Food Changed Our Lives.

& it can change yours too…


We’re Anthony & Crystal & we’re THRILLED to meet you! 

What floats our boat?

Nutrient dense + out-of-this-world-amazing tasting food (we LOVE food)

Watching our little seedlings grow into big vibrant clusters of goodness

+ the Biggie - waking up feeling awesome & basically never getting sick… or in other words - awesome health

Oh… And our beautiful border collies! (if they didn’t get a mention we would be in some real strife!)


But back to amazing health…

It actually took us quite some time to figure out that a healthy body isn’t genetic, or luck of the draw - it comes from food…

NUTRIENT DENSE, REAL FOOD - & this food we speak of isn’t wholemeal bread instead of white bread, or cereal with low fat milk or a glass of apple juice!

Nutrient dense real food is grown... & it's grown in nutrient dense, healthy soil.

Unfortunately we didn't always understand this.

If you could wind the clock back 3 years, you’d be greeted by a (more than slightly) chubby looking man with a suspiciously high amount of $1 transactions to his name thanks to hungry jacks frozen cokes (oh yes, the addiction was real!)... He would also be creating multiple Facebook accounts to outsmart the hungry jacks Shake & Win App… He certainly had life on a string!

On the arm of that man would have been a pale, extremely underweight young lady who - when she wasn’t at the doctors office - was either sleeping from pure exhaustion, screaming from pure hormonal-imbalance-craziness or lathering more chemical laden foundation on her face to cover up those disgusting little sores that kept popping up... & that was just the very TIP of the iceberg!

The situation wasn’t pretty… & neither were we!

And although the possibility of Crystal killing Anthony in his sleep because he’d put her shoes in the wrong spot had crossed our minds (that was the crazy hormones talking)… We’re happy to report that (in the nick of time) we discovered the life changing powers of organic wholefoods - & we've never looked back.


The concept that thriving food = a thriving body had us hooked. 

So much so that we started learning everything we could about nutrition & our body, soil health & microbes, pesticides & our hormones.

Finding out that the minerals in Australian soil has dropped to almost non existent levels was a real shock the first time we heard it - but after thinking about it & after understanding the effects of modern agricultural practices, ongoing deforestation & harsh chemical fertilisers - it’s actually not that surprising.

Could this be linked to the reason why you’ve probably experienced a vitamin or mineral deficiency...

Or why your hair started falling out for no apparent reason...

Or why you can’t make it through the morning without yawning (or a coffee)...

The answer is yes, it absolutely could! And it was no different for us.

Determined to get rid of ALL of our symptoms, we started growing our own nutrient dense organic produce in our very own homemade mineral packed, microbe rich soil creation.

We wanted to be sure we were providing our bodies with only the best food... And it worked!

Symptoms started disappearing, weight started disappearing & energy was through the roof!

+ as a side bonus, our veggie patch - soon to be called a Healthy Patch - was going bananas with fresh, mineral packed goodness… minus any hefty maintenance or dying plants!

Not too long after this we became madly obsessed with growing everything & anything we could in our own mineral packed, microbe rich soil… & 3 more Healthy Patches later we literally had enough leafy greens to feed a small army!


We knew more people had to get in on this!

Because... well... put shortly... If you've never experienced the benefits of growing your own nutrient dense wholefoods before... you're missing out big time! 

But if you've never grown a thing in your life OR you've tried a few times before & it didn't work out too well... you might not be jumping at the idea...

And so The Healthy Patch was born!

We create the World's first Certified Organic Veggie Patches (AKA Healthy Patches) packed to the brim with nutrients so you can easily grow the healthiest edibles! (Not in Melbourne? We're cooking up something special just for you! ;)

...You'll also find us speaking around the country where we dig deep into the powers of organics, the dangers of pesticides & GMO's & their effects on your body + of course, how to easily grow the healthiest produce!

...You'll also see us blogging our hearts out with nourishing recipes you can make with your produce, planting guides & veggie patch 101s + our favourite health & wellness tips to get you feeling fine!

And just because that isn't quite enough...

If you're sitting here reading this from the other side of Australia... Or the other side of the world... we currently have some super exciting things in the pipeline that we know you (& your body) will LOVE... we can't spill the beans just yet - but watch this space!


Okay okay so enough about us... we want to hear all about you!

Drop us a line at Hello@TheHealthyPatch.com.au or swing by our socials anytime. We're always around!

In the meantime, feel free to snoop around! Check out our favourite SuperFood Bread or take a look at this months planting guide... & of course if you ever have any questions, just shout out, we’re here!

A & C x


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