How Can You Get The Ultimate In Fresh + Healthy Produce
Even When You...

Know Zilch About Gardening...Have A Backyard The Size Of A Matchbox...Or Have No Time To Scratch Your Bum?

Meet A Healthy Patch...She's Eager To Show You Her Secrets!


From top to bottom… Each Healthy Patch has been lovingly created & specially designed with a few things in a mind…

The Highest Nutrition + Impeccable Beauty + Ease + Convenience + Joy.

This is how she does it:

The Floor

A Little known + Uniquely Beneficial Secret of a Healthy Patch Is Her Hidden Raised Floor

PageLines-favicon.png Allows for optimal drainage

PageLines-favicon.png + the biggie... She can go on any flat surface!

PageLines-favicon.png No garden, grass or dirt is required

PageLines-favicon.png Perfect for balconies, courtyards, decks - or the garden if you have one!

The Timber

Her Golden Brown hue is so much more than just good looks.

PageLines-favicon.png Our Healthy Patches are created with Untreated Cypress Macrocarpa

PageLines-favicon.png This timber is naturally rot & termite resistant

PageLines-favicon.png Incredibly durable + long lasting

PageLines-favicon.png Sourced from a family-run timber mill in Gippsland who only cut down sick and dying tress.
Any off cuts get used as walking trails for their cows (who wants mud on their feet?)

PageLines-favicon.pngOh - & let’s not forget… incredibly stylish!

The Height

Her extra-long height is better for you... & your veggies!

PageLines-favicon.png Built to 60cm high - picking & watering your produce has never been easier

PageLines-favicon.png Your plants catch more sunlight (meaning better growth)

PageLines-favicon.png Are at less of a risk from pests

PageLines-favicon.png You don’t suffer from a sore back

PageLines-favicon.png Or dirty knees!

The Soil Creation

We have searched high and low…tried & tested… & now perfected… the Holy Grail of Healthy Soil

PageLines-favicon.png We have sourced the healthiest inputs
+ Applied specific permaculture principles
+ Incorporated specific ratios of carbon & Nitrogen (crucial for quality soil)…
To create the healthiest soil out there.

PageLines-favicon.png Each patch gets filled to the brim - layer by layer - with our specific formula
Not only to get you the best health results - but so you can also have an abundant, healthy and easy-to-maintain patch!

The Rock Star Ingredients

She doesn't want to give it all away - but how about a sneak peak?

PageLines-favicon.png You can expect about 16-17 layers of inputs in your healthy patch to really get things off to a flying start!

PageLines-favicon.png Some of these kickass inputs include:
♥Rock Minerals
♥Mushroom Compost (Sourced from 1 of the 2 ONLY Certified Organic Mushroom farms in Australia)
♥Cow Poo
♥Sugar Cane Mulch

PageLines-favicon.png+ A heap More!!! ;)

Why Is This Important Anyway?

More Nutrition + Less Maintenance = An awesome win win!

PageLines-favicon.png First & Foremost : Healthy Soil = Healthy Produce = Healthy YOU

PageLines-favicon.pngThe produce that will be coming out of your Healthy Patch will contain...
♥ More vitamins
♥ + More minerals
♥ + more antioxidants

But lets go back to Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants for a minute...

PageLines-favicon.png This means your veggies will grow faster & stronger

PageLines-favicon.png They will also be less susceptible to pests and diseases!

PageLines-favicon.png But our favourite bit...
It holds up to 3 times the amount of water than normal soil - this means less watering!!

The Seedlings

If you want Healthy Plants... they need to be healthy babies!

PageLines-favicon.png Being a Certified Organic Company, this of course means our seedlings are Certified too!

PageLines-favicon.png Meaning that NO seedlings of ours are raised with any form of chemical or nasty…well…anything!

PageLines-favicon.png We pick an array of edible flowers, herbs, salad greens.... & any rock star plants famous for that specific month... to plant out into each patch.

PageLines-favicon.png Have a specific plant in mind for you Veggie Patch? Let us know what it is & we will see what we can do (Just keep in mind that we can only plant to the specific season)

The eBook

Forget about reading lengthy gardening books to figure out how to have an abundant Healthy Patch.

PageLines-favicon.png We have created a super duper easy-peasy eBook for you containing everything you need to know about how to grow your own super charged food.

PageLines-favicon.png Stripped down to nuts and bolts so you can get straight to it – no fluff included!

PageLines-favicon.pngNo further reading required.

She Looks Good But How Do I Get My Hands On One?

Each Healthy Patch Has been specifically designed with Convenience & Ease...

So why should the set-up + delivery process be any different?

Let Us Break It Down For You...

pickyourpatch #1. Pick your Patch

Have a gander over the 2 sizes…

& think about how many you would like...

ordernow #2. Place Your Order

Click on the big "Order Now" button & fill out the order form…

Or alternatively give us a buzz…

Or send us an email if that’s easier…

What ever floats your boat baby!

lockindate #3. Lock In Date + Time

When your order form has been submitted you will receive a call within 24 hours.

This will be us calling your fine self to lock in a date + time & take care of the payment details.

(If you have ordered your Healthy Patch over the phone this step will already be taken care of 😉)

assembleyHQ #4. Assembly At The Healthy Patch HQ

There’s now full steam ahead at The Healthy Patch HQ…

We’re lovingly preparing & assembling the base of your Patch

+ Getting your ingredients & lovely little seedlings ready to go to their new home (Yours!)

assembleyatyourhq #5. More Assembly... At Your HQ

We arrive at your property & assemble the rest of your Patch

+ Give her a few finishing touches…

We then get to work on your handcrafted soil & seedlings

+ Give her a few more finishing touches…

enjoyyourpatch #6. Come Home To Your Healthy Patch

You come home with a smile the size of Jupiter…

+ Watch your new Healthy Patch grow you some of the best produce out there!

...Oh... & write us a heart felt letter expressing your new & undying love for your mighty patch... only if you like 😉